Wednesday, 22 November 2017



One of the most popular skin care products is Nivea cream. Nivea cream is among the best skin care products and can easily hydrate your skin. However, the hydrating Nivea cream does so much more than just moisturize your skin – here are some of its benefits:
Hydrates your cuticles
If you want to remove your cuticles easily, apply a bit of Nivea cream on them and massage for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, you can cut them off pretty easily.

Eliminates foot cracks
Rub some Nivea cream on your foot cracks and put on your socks before going to bed – this will hydrate your feet and keep them moisturized and soft. If the cracks are deep, mix the cream with some Benpantol and apply the mixture in the same manner like before.
Eliminates crow’s feet
If you want to eliminate crow’s feet at the corner of your eyes, you should only rub a bit of Nivea cream on the affected area every night before going to bed.
Softens and brightens your knees
Apply a hydrating Nivea cream on your knees to make them soft and prevent the wrinkling of your skin.
If your hair is crazily splattered in all directions, put a bit of Nivea cream on your hands and soothe the strands.
Prevents pregnancy and stretch marks
The Nivea cream is a powerful hydrating agent which can easily prevent stretch marks, especially during pregnancy.
Hydrates your hands and lips
Apply a bit of the cream all around your body

to keep your skin hydrated and protected against sunburns.
Treats skin burns
If you’ve burned yourself in the kitchen, rub some Nivea cream on the affected area to reduce the inflammation and soothe the pain.
Great against dermatitis
Nivea creams are usually pretty dense and perfect against dermatitis.
Hydrates your facial skin
Apply a bit of the cream on your face, then cover with a wet towel and leave the cream to work for half an hour. This will hydrate your face deeply and make your skin softer.
Cleans and hydrates your elbows
If your elbows are cracked and dry, rub a bit of Nivea cream on them and you’ll easily soften and hydrate them.
Removes the dark circles below your eyes
Rub the cream below your eyes before going to bed to prevent the appearance of dark circles in the morning.
A great makeup remover
To remove makeup from your face, all you need to do is rub a bit of the cream with a cotton ball.