Sunday, 24 December 2017



Children absorb every word said, every action, and behavior, and these affect the way they feel, act, and think.

Poor parenting causes multiple issues in the lives of children, and these are 7 psychological problems that may occur:
1.Suppression of emotions
Children will imitate their parents, so if you suppress your emotions and feeling, your child will start hiding the way it feels, and it will become an introvert and closed person.
2.Low self-esteem
Parents should never compare their child to someone else, as this leads to low self-esteem and inferior behavior.
3.Anxiety and depression
Children that have been often criticized often become depressed and anxious, as they lack independence, and become fearful in life.
4.Suppression of talents and lack of initiative

Allow your children to dream, and do not suppress their talents. They should grow into initiative adults and never give up on their dreams.
5.Trust issues
Your child will trust no one if you keep telling him/her that nobody can be trusted.
6.Lack of independence
Your child will be immature and irresponsible if you over-control or overprotect it. It should not grow dependent on you or others, as it won’t be able to make his most important decisions in life.
7.Depression and guilt
When you keep repeating that you have sacrificed a lot for your children, they will start feeling depressed and guilty, and will believe that they are unworthy when adults.